Children under the age of 3
The sound and the picture in The Dome Theatre can be overwhelming and therefore we don't permit children under the age of 3 in the The Dome Theatre. Even for adults the giant screen experience can be overwhelming. If you get dizzy just close your eyes and the dizziness will go away immediately.


English narration 

All our shows are narrated in Danish. If you would like to hear the English narration, headphones are available at the ticketsale for DKK 20.

Movies with English narration and speak are The Search for Life in Space and Voyage of Time. 


In our small 3D-theatre, Small Hall, the movies are not translated at row 1, seat 7 to 10.

Ticket prices
Entrance fee includes one movie and access to all the Exhibitions.

Ticket booking office & information:
Telephone +45 33 12 12 24

Online booking