Movies, a moon rock and a new exhibition "MADE IN SPACE"

Planetarium always have a handful of movies, each showing a number of times each day. The exhibition Made in Space answers the question where do we all come from? Your body's building blocks - the atoms - come from space.

Shows in the Dome Theatre

Planetarium always features a handful of movies in our 1000 m2 dome-shaped screen – The Dome Theatre (Kuppelsalen). As this is a planetarium you get a brief introduction to the current night sky before each show.


English narration

All movies in the Dome Theatre are with Danish narration. If you wish to listen to the English narration, headphones are available for sale for DKK 20 kr. 

From week 27 to 32 we will have two shows with English speak. The 16.30 show and last show of the day The Search for Life in Space, will be with English narration. There is no need for headphones for English translation for these shows.


Children under the age of 3
The sound and the picture in the Dome Theatre can be overwhelming and therefore we don't permit children under the age of 3 in the Dome Thetare. Even for adults the giant screen experience can be overwhelming.

MADE IN SPACE – New Exhibition

Made in Space is an exhibition about you. The award-winning exhibition is your guide to the cosmos and is about where we all come from. Your body's building blocks - the atoms - come from space, and on a cosmic journey we find out where the different elements are precisely formed.

The exhibition is an explosion of visual impressions. It has been prepared in collaboration with the exhibition and design company 59 Productions from London with a view to putting the viewer at the center. We make use of the latest technology and the entire exhibition is designed from scratch based on professionalism.

In June 2018 the exhibition won the 2018 Mariano Gago Sustainable Success Ecsite Award for the work done on the content in the exhibition.  


Moon rock

In the exhibition you can see a 207 gram Lunar rock. It was brought back with the astronauts from the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, and is the largest Moon rock on display outside the US.


Space missions (Rummissioner)

How do you make a mission to send to space? This is one of the many questions that we ask our selves in the exhibition space missions. Here you can see technology from Danish space tech companies, that have contributed to some of the largest ESA and NASA missions.

See how you look in different wavelengths and

You can also see (and touch!) two meteorites. A smaller piece from the Barringer impact crater and a 650 kg piece of a meteorite found in Greenland.