Astronomy and space research

Planetarium is Denmark's most advanced centre for popularizing astronomy and space research and promoting knowledge on natural science.


A giant screen experience

During the day we present digital movies and IMAX films on our 1000 m2 dome-shaped screen. IMAX is the largest film format in the world. You will see nature's magnificence, whether the shows take you below the surface of the sea, out in space or into the jungle. Before each show you will be taken on a journey through space where you will zoom past the planets in our solar system and all the way to the furthest reaches of our known Universe.

Seated in the comfortable flight seats you can look forward to an hour with no time or space limitations. All our shows, except Voyage of Time are narrated in Danish.

If you would like to hear the English narration, headphones are available at the ticketsale for DKK 20. 







The exhibition is your guide to the cosmos and is about where we all come from. Your body's building blocks - the atoms - come from space, and on a cosmic journey we find out where the different elements are precisely formed.

The exhibition is an explosion of visual impressions. It has been prepared in collaboration with the exhibition and design company 59 Productions from London with a view to putting the viewer at the center. We make use of the latest technology and the entire exhibition is designed from scratch based on professionalism.

The Planetarium received the Mariano Gago Sustainable Success Ecsite Award in 2018 for the work done at this exhibition.