The Search for Life in Space

BEMÆRK: Filmen er på engelsk (uden danske tekster).

The Search for Life in Space – are we alone?

Journey from the depths of the Pacific Ocean into the far reaches of space on a quest to find something that changes everything…signs of life, somewhere else in the universe. With cutting-edge imagery from the world’s most powerful telescopes,

The Search for Life in Space takes audiences from the surface of Mars and the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn, to the extreme lava fields of Hawaii and thermal vents deep beneath the sea. In these harsh environments, astrobiologists look for clues to how life takes hold. As this immersive adventure into the universe reveals the possibility of planets like ours, The Search for Life in Space will make you re-examine such fundamental questions as: “Where did we come from?”, “How did we get here?” and “Are we alone?”


"Out here, beyond our Solar System, is where the really exciting discoveries will be made—not just the icy moons or desert planets—but worlds more like the Earth...and on them the potential of finding intelligent life."

Astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger, Director, Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University


The crew

A December Media Film in association with Film Victoria and Swinburne University of Technology

Executive producer Tony Wright

Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films

Produced and directed by Stephen Amezdroz

Featuring astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor at Cornell University and Director of the Carl Sagan Institute